CHO Full Form – Eligibility, Salary, Selection Process

CHO Full Form: Hello friends, today we will know through this article what is CHO?, What is the full form of CHO? Let me tell you that CHO is a job related to the field of medicine, if you want to make a career in the field of medicine, then you can become a CHO officer. But before becoming a CHO officer, it is important for you to know about it.

In this article, I will tell you the full form of CHO, what is CHO, and how to become a CHO officer. What is the qualification required to become a CHO officer, what is the salary of a CHO officer? I am going to give detailed information about etc. So you must read this article carefully.

CHO full form in medical

  • C – Community
  • H – Health
  • O – Officer

The full form of CHO is “Community Health Officer”.

What is CHO?

CHO is a community health officer who works mostly in rural areas in the field of health under the National Health Mission by the government. The post of Community Health Officer is also known by another name Mid Level Health Provider (MLHP). The CHO was brought under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. CHO works in the field of health-related support or treatment in Rural Hospitals. Community Health Officer is posted in all the states. (CHO full form)

CHOs provide healthcare services in rural areas. They are involved in treating patients in the village, providing proper advice to pregnant and lactating women, conducting OPDs in rural areas and providing health-related treatment to them when required, etc. In a way, community health officers play an important role in providing health care in rural areas.

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Who is Community Health Officer (CHO)?

Today, under the National Health Mission, community health officers are being appointed as doctors in rural areas in all the states. So, a better medical system should be provided to the people in the Primary Health Center.

A CHO is an officer who works as a doctor in a health center, usually located in rural areas. Such as: – Checking pregnant women, conducting surveys in rural areas under Kovid-19, NCD checkup, pediatric checkup, etc. Apart from this, whatever work is done in the rural sub-health center, is all done under the CHO(CHO full form).

Now it comes to what should be the educational qualification to become a CHO, we also understand it very well.

What is the qualification to become a CHO?

To become a Community Health Officer (CHO), you must have the following qualifications. like: –

  • To become a CHO, the education qualification should be B.Sc Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc Nursing, GNM, Nursing Diploma, etc. from any recognized nursing institutes of India.
  • To apply for this form, the application fee for the candidate is 200, 300, and 400 rupees. The fee is different for the candidates who belong to different caste categories.

NOTE: – Let us tell you for the information that the recruitment of Cho is done in different states of India. So you must read the official notification of Cho recruitment within the state in which you live.

How to become a Community Health Officer?

As you must be aware Community Health Officer recruitment is conducted under the National Health Mission. For more information about Cho, you can visit its official website And to become a Community Health Officer, we are telling you the process which you can follow. (CHO full form)

Eligibility to become a CHO

To become a CHO, you must have some essential qualifications. which is like this-

  • To become a CHO candidate must have a degree in B.Sc Nursing or Post Basic B.Sc Nursing or GNM.
  • The age of the candidate whether female or male should not be more than 35 years.
  • Apart from this, to become a Community Health Officer, the candidate must have 2 years of experience in the health sector.
  • If you have all these qualifications then you can apply for the CHO exam.

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What is the Selection Process of CHO?

1. Form Apply

To become a CHO first you have to apply its form

2. Written Exam

After submitting the form, a written exam will be conducted for you.

After clearing the written exam, you have a training program of 6 to 8 months to get the CHO post in which your training is done. After completing this training, you get selected for the post of Community Health Officer.

What is the salary of CHO?

You are also given a salary every month during your 6 months of training. The salary of CHO varies from state to state.

After completing the training, when you get a job in the Health and Wellness Center, then you will get Rs 25,000 as a salary, but if you do good work then you will be given an incentive amount of 5,000 more. After getting the post of permanent in CHO, your salary can be up to 70 thousand, while in the beginning, your salary may be less.

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What does CHO mean?

CHO stands for Community Health Officer.

 What is the full form of CHO?

CHO full form in medical – “Community Health Officer”.

Is CHO a government job?

Yes, CHO is a government job that is being run under the National Health Mission from almost all the states.

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