How To Earn Money From Online Teaching? Best Platforms For Teaching Online.

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Friends, in today’s article, we will tell you how to earn money from online teaching, which is the best way to earn money from online teaching in 2022, as well as give the necessary information related to the subject of online teaching.

You only have to read this article on our blog till the end and we promise you that after reading this article on how to earn money from online teaching, you will be able to earn money from online coaching or online teaching very easily.

How to earn money from online teaching?

Online teaching is one of the best ways to earn money online. In this modern era, everything is happening online, due to which many people are looking for ways to earn money from online teaching.

Many people are earning 50 to 60 thousand rupees a month by teaching online and you can also earn. If you are a student or you want to do online teaching along with a teaching job, then you too can earn money by teaching online and there are many benefits of online teaching, about which we will also inform you further.

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Best Online Teaching Platforms for Teachers and student to Earn Money

Here are some of the best online learning sites available.


You must know about Unacademy because it is one of the largest online teaching platforms in India. Unacadmy has become a very big platform in Online Teaching Platform, you can do all kinds of Tutoring on Unacadmy, if you know about any competition, then you can do that too. The best thing about Unacademy’s website is that it is here. You can choose any category and then after creating a series of lectures.

It lets instructors design robust classes including video lectures, PowerPoint files, screencast videos, documents, audio files, text, and mashup videos. You can create a PowerPoint presentation and then earn lakhs of rupees by giving live classes to the students and here you get many types of categories. 

Such as UPSC, SSC, Engineering Service Exam, etc and there are many such big teachers, who teach in school and college full time. But he comes home part-time and gives online classes to the students on Unacademy’s website.

Here you can earn more than one lakh rupees per month. So if you were wondering how to make money from online teaching, Unacademy is a great option.


It is a massive online learning platform with over 5 million students and 14,000 courses across the globe. The platform is completely free for the instructors to create their own courses which they can either offer for free or for a fee. So we want to tell you that live sessions are not given to Udemy students.

Every course on Udemy is divided into different categories if you want to learn Graphic Design then you have to go to the categories of Design and if you want to learn Web Development then you have to go to the categories of Development, in the same way, every course is different. It is in different categories so that it is easy for the students to understand and find them.

Here you have to enter the course only once and then you earn money sitting at home, you can enter many types of training courses on Udemy like digital marketing, communication skills, programming, etc. There are many such courses that you can learn for free. If you want to learn a programming language, then you can learn from Udemy, you will get some courses in programming language for free.

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If you are looking for the answer to the question that how to earn money from online teaching or what is the best way to earn money from online teaching in 2022. Vedantu website is one of the best websites for online teaching and many people consider it the best website for online teaching.

Where subjects from class VI to class XII are taught and here students can choose any subject as per their wish. Also, here you can teach advanced courses like JEE Mains along with Maths and Science to children and earn 60 to 70 thousand rupees per month.


Many of you must have heard the name of MyTutor website because MyTutor is one of the most popular online teaching platforms in the UK. Where teachers do live face-to-face videos with students and

But teaching on MyTutor’s website is a bit difficult as compared to other websites, because not every teacher is taken here, and to teach on MyTutor’s website, you should have the ability and experience related to that subject.

The best thing about MyTutor is that here students can also view the recorded license after watching the live session. Meaning that if they have to read something back. So he can watch the live session back because all the live classes on MyTutor are recorded.

Because of this, there are many good recorded sessions here, by which students can correct their mistakes, and teachers are given a good salary on MyTutor’s website and 40 to 50 thousand a month from the website of many best teachers. Earn up to Rs.

If you are a teacher of Maths or English for a month, then you can earn money by visiting the tutor’s website and teaching children topics related to Maths or English and here you can teach many topics related to these subjects.

Such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Quadratic, Equation, etc. For this reason, on the tutor’s website, you can teach from school to college. Whether you are a school teacher or a college professor. You can earn even more money by teaching Maths, English, or both on the tutor’s website.


  • The main advantage of online classes is that you can participate from anywhere.
  • If a student does not understand a topic in one go, he can rewind it till he understands.
  • In classrooms, online learning is very beneficial for slow-writing kids.
  • Online classes, which are usually available in the form of recorded videos, can be watched or listened to without interruption.
  • There are more courses available for free or at a low cost.
  • Sitting in your own country, you can take advantage of studying from famous teachers of other countries.
  • Not traveling saves both time and money.


  • Online classes affect the eyes and health of children.
  • Public speaking skills are further advanced to the level of learning when you sit with real people in the real world.
  • Online learning cannot teach to effectively operate or handle an instrument, such as playing the guitar, driving a car
  • We can’t do a chemical experiment on the internet. Especially science and social science cannot be used.
  • Due to a lack of school environment, some children are unable to take interest in their studies.
  • People who do not have expensive computers and smartphones are unable to keep pace with this system of education.
  • Many times online classes fail due to network-related issues.


The advantages of online education are many, but the traditional classroom is more practical in some areas. While online classes may be suited for adult students, it is better for children and adolescents to attend school in the traditional way.

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