The Last Worker: a modern parody where a web-based retail megacorp rules the world

Forthcoming game The Last Worker, the first from engineer Oiffy, is an obscurely comedic assume the ghastliness and ludicrousness of the online-retail satisfaction focus.

The Last Worker is a story seen through the eyes of its hero, Kurt, set in this present reality where computerization has arrived at tragic levels.

Jörg Tittel, the game's essayist and chief, portrays the game as "a shocking tale as it were, yet not a ghastliness game".

There will be snapshots of bitterness and there are snapshots of forlornness, however, we need to likewise engage and make 

individuals giggle since being basic liberty now is so difficult. I would rather not push down individuals."

The game is coming to VR as well as standard stages thanks to VR pioneers Wolf and Wood.

The Last Worker will be out in the not-so-distant future on PC, Switch, Xbox, PS5, and Oculus Quest.