Top 5 Online Earning Business Ideas for student with low investment

Talking about a few years back, none of the students even thought of doing business. But today every student wants to start some start-up or part-time business along with his studies. In today’s time, there are many students who want to earn some money along with their studies.

So friends, if you are a student and you want to do some part-time job or want to start a part-time business then your thinking is very good. After all, how long will you be dependent on your parents?

In today’s time, most students are unemployed, there is a lack of jobs. In such a situation, wishing money online is a good option. In this article, we are going to give you information about Online Earning Business Ideas for student with low investment.

Today we will know about the best 5 business ideas for students with low investment, with the help of which you can easily earn money sitting at home.

Can students do business?

Friends, now the first question comes whether a student can start his own business, then the answer is yes. Everyone can do his business, there is no age restriction for anyone to do business.

If you want to do any business But keep in mind that you have to do the same business, which should not impact your studies. If it starts making you more profit in future then only you should focus on it completely otherwise do it on part-time only. It is very important to be self-dependent in today’s time.

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There are many business ideas available. Which students can also do and earn money. Further, in this article, we are going to give information only about the best part-time business ideas for students, which are given in detail below.

Small Business Ideas For Students

Friends, there are many business ideas that you can start in your student life. But most of them Business Idea is related to the online internet because online you can start a business for free internet and there are many other benefits. So in this article, we are going to share with you some online and offline business ideas that you can easily start earning money online.

YouTube Channel

Today, if someone wants to start his own business without investing a single penny, then the best Online Earning Business Ideas for student is to start a YouTube channel. There must be a question going on in your mind that how people earn money online from YouTube.

So you do not need to worry, because today you are going to get complete information about earning money from YouTube in this article in detail. All you need is an email id and a smartphone to start youtube.

If you have good knowledge in any subject. So you can make a video about it and upload it to the YouTube channel and convey yourself to other people. With which you can earn lakhs of rupees every month. So if we also call it a good home business idea then no one will be wrong.

How to earn money from Youtube Step by Step

  • First of all, you have to create a youtube channel.
  • Upload your own created videos to your channel.
  • Choose a Better Niche for Videos for Earn Money business ideas for students without investment
  • Example- If you are a teacher, then you should choose a Niche related to Teaching.
  • If you are a player or GYM trainer, then you should choose the topic of the video related to this.
  • After creating a YouTube channel, now you have to start uploading videos here.
  • While recording the video, take special care of the voice of the video as well, for this, you can use a better mic.
  • Even after following all the steps, when you have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel, then you can apply your channel for monetization.
  • Channel monetization may also take a few days, till then you have to continue uploading videos on your YouTube channel.
  • YouTube Shorts is also a way to earn money from YouTube. Where you can earn money by making Youtube Shorts Videos.

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ways to earn money from youtube

  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsored Video
  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money online through the Internet, the name affiliate marketing is taken at the top. This is the best program to earn money online, through which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month.

There are many such Youtubers and bloggers who earn more money from affiliate marketing than their Google Adsense. In this, you have to sell the products listed on websites like Amazon, and Flipkart online, in exchange for which the company gives you some % commission.

People who use affiliate marketing. He considers it even better than google AdSense. Because its earnings are more than google AdSense. This is the best platform for Online Earning Business Ideas for student. By which a lot of money can be earned.

how to start affiliate marketing

  • It is very important for you to choose Niche first. Niche is basically a category or a topic. Whatever topic you are interested in, you can promote the product related to your Niche.
  • After choosing Niche, you join those affiliate programs where products related to your Niche are easily available, you can get affiliate links to their product, and promote it.
  • To bring traffic. first, you have to choose a platform where you will promote the product.

You can promote affiliate products in the following way.

  • Creating a blog
  • Youtube channel
  • Facebook or Instagram page
  • Running ads on Facebook or google

Write Article

Writing is an art in which you can earn money. If you are fond of writing, and you have a laptop. So you can earn money by writing quality articles for other people. Keep in mind that you do not have to copy-paste others’ content, you have to write Genuine Content from your mind, and only then you can earn money. For this, you must have writing skills. This could be a very good Online Earning Business Ideas for student for you

How to earn money by article writing

  • You can earn good money from article writing by creating a blog of your own. In India, too many bloggers are earning lakhs of rupees a month by writing their own blogs.
  • You can also earn money through article writing by writing for others’ blogs. There are many blog owners who do not get time to write on their blogs, so they hire a Content Writer.
  • Freelancing is a very good way to earn more money than article writing. On the freelancing website, you find many such people who need a content writer for any of their projects. So you get good money for writing an article.

There are many such websites on the internet where you can earn money by writing articles.

  • IWriter.Com
  • Hirewriter
  • Fundforwriters
  • International Living


Blogging is the best and safest way to earn money online. There is no fraud in this. Just in today’s article, we will introduce you to some such ways by which you can also easily earn money from blogging. But yes, you need some patience and a lot of hard work for this. (business ideas for students without investment)

If you like to write and enjoy teaching people. Then this blogging can be the best option for you. You can start blogging by spending two to three thousand rupees from your mobile or laptop sitting at home and you can earn lakhs of rupees per month.

how to earn money from a blog

  • You must have a website to earn money from blogging.
  • Now you have to decide on which topic you are comfortable writing articles on.
  • Earn money by placing Google Ads on the website.
  • If your website is getting a lot of traffic. So you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing.
  • You can also earn extra money for yourself through Paid Reviews or Sponsored posts.
  • Guest Post
  • Selling Ebook
  • By creating courses related to your website


In modern times, freelancing is one of the best business ideas. There is no qualification required for freelancing.

You have to create your profile on websites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork. After that, you will get many projects according to your skills. You get paid for what you have to accomplish. Some examples of freelancing are blog writing, data entry, video editing, photo editing, web design, etc.

If you are a student, housewife, or if you have little time then a freelancing job can start on a part-time level. After that gradually you can make this business bigger by making a team. Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. are the best-trusted sites for freelancing work.


Friends, you should not wait for the right time to do something big in life. If you want to do something, then start with your student life from now on, whether to do a business or a job, start preparing for it from now on.

In this article(part-time business ideas for students), we have told you many business ideas that you can start and earn some money. Hope you have found this article informative.

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